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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can you pay the COA fees on the site? If so where exactly is it, I'm not seeing it.
    Payments are processed by our management company, Bono & Associates. You can visit their website at and under Online Services choose Make A Payment. Follow the instructions on the page to setup your online payment.
  • I am moving and need to dispose of old furniture and other household items. May I leave them next to the dumpster? 
    No. Please call Green Metal Today at 321-442-6196 to arrange for special pickup. Leaving items outside of the dumpster can be considered ILLEGAL DUMPING and could subject you to prosecution.
  • May I remodel my unit (including re-roofing and exterior modifications) without submitting an Architectural Review Application?
    No. Significant architectural changes to your unit MUST have the prior approval of the Sand Lake Village Condominium Architectural Review Board (SLV ARB) The application is available under the Forms link on this website.
  • Can I paint first and then submit an ARB application?
    No. You run the risk of colors not being approved and then having to repaint at your expense again. It’s not fun to paint twice.

  • If I get a letter stating something is not right, can I ignore the letter?
    No. Ignoring a letter by the association may result in more costly remedies than just responding to the letter to solve the problem at hand.

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