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Important Information on Making Your Association Payment


Instructions are included in your coupon book on how to sign up for Association Pay (ACH) an automatic way to make your payment from an account at any U.S. financial institution. Instructions are also included for homeowners that want to make their payment through an online bill pay provider.

Do not mail correspondence with your payment. For questions about your account, please contact Bono & Associates 407-233-3560.


MAIL PAYMENT TO: PO BOX 628207 | ORLANDO FL  32862-8207

More Ways To Pay! Visit to learn more.

·        Automatic Payment — Association Pay

To sign up for Association Pay, complete the form included in your coupon booklet or go to for directions on how to enroll online.

·        Online Payment Options

Make your payment online via credit/debit card or eCheck. Visit for more information.

·        Online Bill Pay Service

If you use an online bill payment system, please refer to the instructions in your coupon booklet. Use the enclosed bill pay account number on the coupon as the account number requested by your bill pay provider when setting up your payment.

Making Payments at BB&T Financial Centers

Payments can be made at any BB&T financial center when accompanied by a BB&T Association Services payment coupon. Association Services coupon payments processed in a BB&T financial center will post the following business day.

·        Mailing Payments

Your Association and BB&T are pleased to offer the convenience of mailing your assessment payments using the labels included with your coupon book. Failure to include your payment coupon will delay processing of your payment.

Payment Information — To ensure payments are processed quickly and efficiently:

  • Please include your coupon with your check to ensure correct processing.
  • Mail all non-payment correspondence to Bono & Associates. BB&T has no responsibility to forward any non-payment correspondence received at the lockbox address. Any such non-payment correspondence received by BB&T may be destroyed at the sole discretion of BB&T.
  • Questions about your payment history, late fees or account status should be directed to Bono & Associates.
  • Write “U.S. Funds” on checks that are drawn on a Canadian bank account when check is to be processed in U.S. Funds.
  • Write the bill pay account number located on the payment coupon on your check.
  • Do not mail cash.
  • Post-dated checks will be processed upon receipt.
  • If the Association has directed you to make your payments elsewhere or has refused prior payment as a result of delinquent payments, making your payments to BB&T will not ensure the payment will be accepted and posted by your association.

Complete the Association Pay (ACH) Authorization Form and follow the instructions for sending to BB&T. Contact BB&T Association Services at 727-549-1202 or Toll Free 888-722-6639 with questions regarding Association Pay. 

Mail enrollments, cancels or changes to Association Pay: BB&T ASSOCIATION SERVICES - PO BOX 2914 LARGO FL  33779-2914


Below are important instructions for existing and new users of an online bill payment system. If you currently use or are enrolling for the first time in an online bill payment system with your bank or a service such as Check Free® to make your payments, please use the information below to set up your payment. Clients currently using this payment method should ensure their account is updated accordingly.

  • You should provide the bill pay account number only, Do not add any other letters, numbers or identifying words in the account number area.
  • Please note that the Bill Pay Account Number is unique to each property address and each payment obligation.
  • If you sell your property and purchase another property serviced by BB&T, your Bill Pay Account Number will change.
  • If you sell your property, please delete your recurring bill pay payment.
  • Please call Bono & Associates with questions regarding your property.


Bill Pay Account Number: “Contact Bono & Associates for your Account Number if you do not have your coupon book.”             

Payee Address: PO BOX 628207 ORLANDO FL  32862-3207

Payee Phone Number: 1-888-722-6669

In most instances, payments received from a Bill Pay Service are not processed on the same day that funds are debited from your account. Depending upon the method of payment and delivery used by your Bill Pay Provider, payments may take up to five business days or more to be posted to your account. When using a Bill Pay Service it is advisable to schedule your payment for a date well in advance of the due date or you may be subject to a late fee.

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